How was this done?
I used Photoshop to tweak the color levels to something almost cartoon like.  Once I was happy with the colors, I used a variety of brushes in Photoshop to paint on top of the photo to give it a more art-like feel.  I tried my best to preserve details, but change it enough so it looked like a hybrid of a painting and a photo.  After applying the brushes, I imported the adjust photo into Illustrator where I then made silhouette vectors of birds of plants.  Lastly, I created a Fear and Loathing-like title to add.  Voila!  

Why was this done?
While the subject of this photo was interesting, the photo itself was pretty plain when I took it.  The colors were very bland and I didn’t feel it was a fair representation of what I saw.  I felt giving this odd sight a more desert drive vibe would fit.
This colorfully talented fellow can be found juggling objects just inside Fenway Park on the day of a game.  
This one man band can be heard just outside Boston Common.
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