Growing up participating in action sports has lead to my interest in video.  I am a bit of a tech-nerd that enjoys researching the latest technology available to capture videos.

I used to capture video using heavier more advanced equipment which included SLRs along with gimbals for stability.  Due to the advances in smaller cameras with built in stabilization, I now use smaller tech gadgets to capture videos.  Recently I have found that the portability and features of the Osmo Pocket, Osmo Mobile, GoPro Hero 7 Black and the iPhone 11 all make capturing video easy.  Additionally, I have become quite interesting in the use of small drones to capture video from interesting angles.
In addition to capturing video, I also enjoy editing video.  I find that the editing process is where the magic truly happens.  Raw footage is turned into story telling sequences.

While action sports and lifestyle videos are likely my favorite type of projects to work on, I also enjoy capturing corporate videos.
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